How To Fix Problems with Voice Calls

Problems with Voice Calls

Despite the fact that we call less and less from our mobile, as a result of so many messaging apps that serve to communicate, the truth is that one of the main uses is that, the telephone. And despite not using it as much, from time to time strange things happen with calls, such as not being heard. This is a possible solution.

Problems with Voice Calls

Our phone would be nothing if it weren’t for the software with which we control its actions and functions. And many times it is software problems that generate a hardware malfunction, and in this case, something similar happens with the phone.

Calls Not Heard

It is not uncommon for it to happen that the calls we make or receive, are not heard. You can see on the screen that someone has answered you, but you are not listening. And vice versa, you can pick up an incoming call, but you can’t hear the other party either. Of course, there are a few more frustrating situations with the phone.

Well, this rarely happens due to hardware problems, in that case, we could give little solution. So it is the software that is not normally working properly. On those occasions, you can try for this.

Uninstall Updates

The phone app is usually one of the few on the system that cannot be uninstalled because it is usually the one provided by the manufacturer.

Well, this failure may come from a bad update of the app, and therefore it is best to go back to a previous version. As that is not strictly possible, what we can do is uninstall all the updates of the phone app, and return to the one that came from the factory with the mobile. To do this you have to do the following:

  • Access the phone app icon
  • Long press on it
  • Select the “information” icon that looks like a Latin i
  • Select the three vertical dots in the upper right
  • Click on “uninstall updates”

As you already know, depending on the manufacturer it is possible that this function is not called exactly the same. Even sometimes it does not appear, simply because the app has not been updated since the phone was released.

Delete to Fix the Problem

Another alternative is to clear both the data and the cache of the phone app. This is something that can be done in the same place where you have uninstalled the updates. As you can see, just below the information of the app we have a section called ” Storage and Cache ” that can be called differently depending on the phone.

Within this section delete both contents of the app. In addition, if you select ” Force stop ” you will help everything to be cleaned and the app returns to its original state. Do not ask us about the cause of these problems, but the reality is that doing this helps to solve them.

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