Clubhouse for Android Users Now Available


The clubhouse is undoubtedly the most talked-about app right now. Taking advantage of everyone’s need to talk and get in touch with others in a difficult historical moment like that of Covid-19, the developers of this application have made the center. Check is the place where you can get details about this. In addition to promising to use the voice, a warm means, to stay in contact with others, here is also an invitation mechanism that made everything more elitist, more premium, more exclusive.

Clubhouse for Android

And it is well known that nothing attracts a man more than what he cannot achieve. And now, millions of downloads later, even the richest entrepreneurs in the world want what they seem they can’t get. The last in a chronological sense seems to be Twitter’s dad Jack Dorsey, which would have made important offers to buy Clubhouse and incorporate it into the Twitter social network. But the desire to continue, and the arrival on Android, made the developers desist.

Clubhouse lands on Android, register now

After some testing over the past few days, Clubhouse is now officially available for Android. Let’s talk about a historic announcement. After being an exclusive place only for Apple users, the enthusiastic response from the general public has pushed the company behind the app to forcefully land on Android as well. However, there are buts, as always. At the moment, in fact, the invitation system is still active. So you can’t just download the app and log in, someone needs to invite you.


One way to allow for gradual growth and not an uncontrolled explosion of traffic on Clubhouse servers. But you can do one thing, and we advise you to do it as soon as possible. It is in fact possible to register, create an account, and put your data on the platform. And you can also do it without an invitation. Start creating your personal account, then, so that you have everything available when you receive the invitation. Wait for the official app to arrive in the next few hours.

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